Church Signs
Your church has a beautiful and unique
personality, and your Church’s sign is an
expression of your identity to everyone who
knows you, and to all who pass by.
We can design custom Church signs that
reflect the personality of your fellowship and
that communicate the intentions of your heart.
So refuse to settle for a sign that says “Plain,
Ordinary, or Old”.
Speak to your community! Let your light shine!
Browse through the range of Church sign
options and develop some ideas of what you
would like to express thru signage for your
Akers Signs has been faithfully serving the community in Canton, Ohio since 1970, and since that time we have
expanded to become a national Church sign company with satisfied customers in almost every state in the US. We
design every kind of sign, and we have a desire to reach and to serve the faith community nationally, just as we have
locally. LED digital sign technology has advanced and has become very affordable. It is a perfect medium for faith
organizations and for any group that has much to say to the community:  It’s an exciting way to share important news.
Even though they have become very affordable, we know LED signs are not for every taste and every budget. We
offer a full range of products, and we are experts at designing and manufacturing custom signs to satisfy any need.
Call us today at 1-888-456-6990 for more information, or click the arrow on the left to begin the process to get a
Custom Designed Architectural Church Signs